Honey, I’m home

You never welcomed me in
You just left the back door open


One day

Dry your eyes baby girl

do not let your energy

leave your body through tears

that you cry for them

One day

you will cry of pure relieve

all the struggle will leave your body

you will not look back

you will move forward

It was 5:41 AM

Sometimes you genuinely
cannot offer any advice or help.
Sometimes the only thing that you will have to do
is to go through the motions.

She has lost her dreams
She not only needs to make peace with that
her heart needs to learn to live
like she did before everything changed.

She has to grieve.
She needs to feel it
Go through everything
At a point she will see herself again
and seeing him as a past
In a realistic way but still with a bit of pain

Let her go through it.
She lost a big love not a true love
a love that she trusted but scarred her so deeply
that she needs to learn to nurture herself without him.
That is the biggest sin he has ever committed… so far

Give her time to trust her instincts again
I suppose to feel whole again without him.
Otherwise she will never truly move on
Despite the fact that time is passing by
and when she does meet her true love
she won’t be open to it
When great chances beg her to accept them
She won’t even have time for an acknowledgement
She lost some of her dreams
I wouldn’t wish that heartache on anyone.

Sit with her.
Listen to her.
Let your eyes
acknowledge the pain.
Over time
your eyes
will see her living again

Even the possibility of a never ending love can break the most independent person


My Graduation

Not a man, a child, or a woman can tarnish my independence
Today I became my definition of an independent woman
I stood with the Greats and became one of the Greats
I am Great by my definition