First love

If I break my own back
The back that was build by my mama and by my God
I won’t ever be able to love another man, no where, no how

The back you see makes me stand up straight
Big up my chest, let my heart beat and love so hard
Without my back, there is no me,
and my love for you will only last for a moment

So let me love you whilst loving myself first
Let me be my first love and you my last

I just wanted to get high

You want to get high
High into the old sky
so that this world
is just a tiny black smudge
in the corner of your eyes

You kidnap your lover
through promises.
Use their body
until there is no love
left to be taken.
So the dead weight
becomes a problem
so you throw it back
onto the world,
back into hell.

This type of love
is murder
not life.