That self love stuff

a lover that will  greet your past with respect
that will hold your present by the hand
that will dance with you into your  future

may you find that love with a lover
or maybe just maybe find it with your faith
may your faith blow new life into you
may you see yourself
finally love yourself
the way your Mama loves you




I pray for you that your hands will hold a face
two eyes that won’t look down in shame
but will see you, the whole you

A lover that will drink your love everyday
that will hold toasts singing how blessed they feel with you

I am not your witness

by whispering to me
whilst my eyes were betraying my heart
you tried to own me from within
slowly your voice filled up my hours
this home became your house

I needed my soul back
so I put a world in between us
as you poured yourself into your words
I would sit there and let my heart overrule your thoughts

now you are living
without a witness
without my presence

For the Tribe.

Communicate. We are not married so I cannot be around you and talk to you every single day. Yes, I will disappear, zone out and even put my phone on airplane mode because sometimes I need to be alone with my own baggage. But when I pick my phone back up and you tell me about your bad news… my heart will not only ache for you but I will drop my baggage and find a good connection where I am not projecting my mindset on to you. I will focus on you, listen to how you are feeling and ask the questions that you need to answer. I will then offer you the advice that may help you even when I sound like the biggest hyprocrite on earth. I’ll ask God to listen your prayers and I pray that you will find solace in Him too. When you let me know about your good news my heart will grow so big that my own rib cage will have a hard time containing it. I will be your biggest hype man and pray that your blessings will keep on coming for forever and ever.

I have a responsibility to my tribe. This is my commitment.