Go back.

you were ugly today

your temper became stronger than your patience
your humanity for a moment gave up on faith

after life swallowed you whole and spat you out
you whispered:

”Let my faith in God be stronger than my humanity
May I care more for the next life than this small moment.
May I always turn to You before turning to a temporary soul.”

I was ugly today and I still went back to God.


Stop humbling yourself

do not humble yourself to the point
where they can step on you
do not humble yourself to the point
where you are finding yourself six feet under
do not humble yourself to the point
you can’t  look your blessings in the eye

only humble yourself in front of God
because God blessed you and only He can take it away

My Mama’s Mama


lets talk while we cover our fingertips in henna
let’s talk and get some understanding

you lost a lot, you have been through a lot and still you pray
and still you bow your head in submission
let faith give you the strength to keep on moving
now you pray from your chair still, for salvation, health, protection
you pray for me, you pray for us, you pray for the souls that have left us
you pray for this entire temporary world, each word overflowing with sincerity

you are one of the reasons why I found my way back to God
you are my sabr in a world that is so temporary
you are my reminder that faith will keep the heart alive
so lets talk, make some memories and let the henna work its magic


Pray, baby girl.

admit. to yourself.
admit it.
but how.
can you admit the truth.
when they believe it’s the devil talking.
not your humanity.
not your tired soul.
but the devil.

the devil has infected your soul.
taken away your faith.
they scream at me.

how can i admit it.
start a new life.
when no one has the soul to listen.

admit it to Him.
and pray He will shelter me.
only He knows my soul.
only He will dry my tears.

so i will pray.
cry it all out of my soul.
leave it behind
on my prayer mat.

You are meant for thick love.

You thought
you were opening yourself up to love
by breaking your own back.

You thought
by drowning yourself in apologies
that it would make you more desirable.

You were actually attending your own burial.
Now you are living six feet under and they are walking all over you.

Stop. Go back to living in the sun.
Let a true lover celebrate you with full force.
Accept the love, the trust, the commitment.
Never stay lingering around an individual
that is not grateful for your presence.
Let a true lover celebrate you.
Let a true lover come to you with commitment.
With intention. With action.
Your Mama did not risk her body and soul
for you to accept the bare minimum.
You are meant for thick love.
Let thick love in.