My Graduation

Not a man, a child, or a woman can tarnish my independence
Today I became my definition of an independent woman
I stood with the Greats and became one of the Greats
I am Great by my definition

Our dream

Tomorrow is more important than my wedding day
even the day I selfishly will become a mother.
Tomorrow is the day I thank my mother for her dream.
Tomorrow I’m going to walk on to that stage
take that blank piece of paper and cry.
Cry, that I was blessed to have had you for 16 gorgeous years.
Cry, that when everyone else will have their parents in the audience
I have my mother in heaven giving me all the blessings.
Cry, because with my heart I will write down
your beautiful name onĀ  that blank piece of paper
and let them know my mother achieved her dream.
A dream of independence and her firstborn gave her a hand.

This paper belongs to you