when they tell you to compromise on hot air

you want both
you want to do it all
you want to build that life

add some juju
burn some incense
cross your fingers
see if the stars are acting right
let them sign the contract
make sure they got life insurance
cause you did not sign up to do this life thing  alone


last time I checked
gambling is a sin
so here I am gambling with my tired  heart

who taught you not to  close your mouth???

I don’t know about this you know.

but what I do know is that
compromise is a dirty word.

I was taught not to cuss

here I am cussing nevertheless
like every other girl that has lost it
all of it
to hot air…

at least I am staying warm.


You are meant for thick love.

You thought
you were opening yourself up to love
by breaking your own back.

You thought
by drowning yourself in apologies
that it would make you more desirable.

You were actually attending your own burial.
Now you are living six feet under and they are walking all over you.

Stop. Go back to living in the sun.
Let a true lover celebrate you with full force.
Accept the love, the trust, the commitment.
Never stay lingering around an individual
that is not grateful for your presence.
Let a true lover celebrate you.
Let a true lover come to you with commitment.
With intention. With action.
Your Mama did not risk her body and soul
for you to accept the bare minimum.
You are meant for thick love.
Let thick love in.

Forever the realist

I know I can have him
but to have him back again
means I have to swallow my truth
ignore what feels just
make a bad move for myself
and tell him that he runs my life

I want him back before the foolishness
before he went with his ego
and left me with his disrespect
I can want, dream and yearn all day
but he will not change.. not for me