When the rain is crashing down on you
and you are gasping  for he air between the drops
this is how I feel whenever I get told news
that does not offer me the sun

When you see me know that my lungs
are filled halfway with water

When you are ready to come into my life
with the baggage of your life
know that my sensitivity is on high
and your stress will become mine

No matter how sincere you are
I may have to say no
and walk away into my own sun


My hands

I believe my hands how they look like and feel show my heart
My fingers are long and skinny something like a ballerina
Perfect for emphasizing the words that I say out loud

The veins in the back of my hands are very prominent
They show the strain in my life from moving boxes
To the emotional stress of everyday life and past

The purpose of my asbestos fingers
is to cook the meals for my loved ones
When I am done they smell of garlic
Which is love and home

My hands show my heart
Where can I see yours?