do not humble yourself to the point
where they can step on you
do not humble yourself to the point
where you are finding yourself six feet under
do not humble yourself to the point
you can’t ¬†look your blessings in the eye

only humble yourself in front of God


I do not miss you

to catch you means I have to fall onto my own knees
sadly my knees are too old for that

I don’t trust
the dancers
the singers
the sweet talkers

remember I came from one
and he never entered my heart

so be upset
be furious if you must

you are not meant for me
and I am certainly not meant for you

Forever the realist

I know I can have him
but to have him back again
means I have to swallow my truth
ignore what feels just
make a bad move for myself
and tell him that he runs my life

I want him back before the foolishness
before he went with his ego
and left me with his disrespect
I can want, dream and yearn all day
but he will not change.. not for me