Forgetting and remembering you

It has taken me time tot understand that my memories come back to me through visuals. I don’t remember anything on my own, I need a message, an old picture, returning back to a place to feel the essence of my memories and its people. It does not mean that these memories or even the people in it are not worthy enough for me to remember easily. In all honesty my mind is filled with huge events, traumas that has scratched my brain, like an old record. Because of that I need a little help to remember the memories, the feelings, and the people that do offer me that sweet goodness. Please, give me some time.

Seen too much
Been through too much
Let’s remember the good times shall we?
It was and still is a good life


Marry you

My hearts connects to sincerity.  It sense it from your lips that speak the words and your hands that perform the acts. Sincerity makes the heart grow as the ribs are trying to contain it from leaving this body and marrying your sincerity. Who knows maybe one day my brain will connect and one day this entire being will marry your sincerity, marry you.