The girl from outside

Djibouti is not a widely known country by most and by some they only know form the The Ellen Show when she mad an entire sketch around ”booty”.

I escaped and basically ran away from London because I got so tired and stuck in my head that I needed to be anywhere but in London. There was no plan, not even expectations of what I wanted to achieve and do in Djibouti. But within in 4 months I know now that my mama brought up a woman that will never give up her own self respect. I fell in love with a place that has so many flaws and made beautiful, strong people that keep on moving and smiling. Falling in love with the authenticity and the rawness with the place and the people was as easy as breathing.

I won’t be able to discuss everything that I have experience but I will try and let you in sometimes.  I may be ”The Girl from Outside” but I came home. I was outside for 25 years but I found the door and I am home. Once you taste home .. why would anyone want to go outside again?